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Waterproof. Self-sealing.

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Waterproof. Self-sealing. Insulating.

A render that repels water, insulates and repairs itself: allow me to introduce Thermoplaster. A breathable layer of technology that will put up with the most extreme weather conditions.

Thermoplaster is impenetrable, just like a penguin’s double layer of feathers. Thermoplaster is self-healing and resistant to the ravages of time; like a living skin, it retains its waterproof and breathable qualities permanently. And then there’s the extraordinary insulation value. Indoors or out… Thermoplaster provides a wall with exceptional and permanent protection.

About Thermoplaster

About us

Thermoplaster was developed and is produced entirely in-house by RDS Group from Hasselt.

The RDS Group is made up of three construction industry professionals and a structural engineer. He is the brain that develops innovations. The business people, i.e. the initiator and trader from Bree, the owner of a finishing company from Hasselt and the building promotor from Heusden-Zolder, have identified new opportunities in the market and are familiar with the needs of contractors and builders.

RDS Group is a thoroughly Limburg company. The development of Thermoplaster is the result of a well thought out combination of materials and their characteristics. From idea to market-ready and certified product took a total of four years.

RDS retains full control over the entire production process and the quality of the raw materials so that the quality of the end product is always guaranteed. RDS is not in any way dependent upon third parties.

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RDS Group is primarily a manufacturer of innovative building materials. For Thermoplaster we are looking for distributors who can offer us added value and with whom we can launch Thermoplaster on the market as a strong brand.

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