Self-sealing. Insulating.

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A render that repels water, insulates and repairs itself: allow me to introduce Thermoplaster. A breathable layer of technology that will put up with the most extreme weather conditions.

Thermoplaster is impenetrable, just like a penguin’s double layer of feathers. Thermoplaster is self-healing and resistant to the ravages of time; like a living skin, it retains its waterproof and breathable qualities permanently. And then there’s the extraordinary insulation value. Indoors or out… Thermoplaster provides a wall with exceptional and permanent protection.

Thermoplaster is waterproof, always and everywhere.


How do I use Thermoplaster?

Thermoplaster is cheaper, more sustainable and easier to work with

How to use Thermoplaster Isolate?

Watch the video to see how to use Thermoplaster Isolate!

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RDS Group is primarily a manufacturer of innovative building materials. For Thermoplaster we are looking for distributors who can offer us added value and with whom we can launch Thermoplaster on the market as a strong brand.

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